An excerpt from our extensive catalogue of services

Whether you want to focus on your family, business or the well-deserved retirement – Our clients should be able to prioritize what its important. That is why we have established a broad range of services to make sure that you can enjoy the benefits of owing without having to worry about your financial assets.

1. Contractual management

  1. Cataloguing the property’s master data
  2. Cataloguing all of the tenant´s master data
  3. Cataloguing all agreed upon rental collateral
  4. Contract processing with tenants
  5. Written warnings in case of open rent and auxiliary claims in coordination with the owner’s book keeper
  6. Organization of extrajuridical default action with the creation of default summons
  7. Examination of the expenditure
  8. Execution oft rent adjustments in coordination with the owner
  9. Timely adjustment of service charge advance payments

2. Accounting  

  • Payment transactions on rent accounts
  • Creation of the advance filing for turnover tax
  • Creation of the annual statement in support of your tax consultant  
  • Creation of the auxiliary cost statement and optional suggestions for the adjustment of the advance payments
  • The property’s book keeping and the entire accounting management

3. General management

  • Conclusion and termination of rental contracts  on behalf of the owner
  • Credit assessment in case of new leases as well as the coordination of all matters regarding the tenants
  • The reasearch for new commercial tenants in cooperation with Mödder & Partner City Estate GmbH (LINK)
  • Acceptance and handover of rented units in case of changing tenants
  • Handling of damage regulation with insurance companies in case of damages
  • Assertation of warranty claims and execution of the right of retention in necessary cases
  • Examination of all operation – and management expenses
  • Management of property files and evidence documents
  • Management of rental collaterals

4. Technical building management

  • Ensuring the function of heating-, sanitary-, and every other systems of the property including the conclusion and termination of supply- and maintenance contracts on behalf and for the account of the principal and owner
  • Allocation of the necessary orders in terms of the maintenance and reparation of the property. Any bill is examined on the basis on professional and objective knowledge and given to the regulation.
  • Conclusion and termination of contracts with facility management services and further assistant companies (e.g. House or road cleaning) on behalf and for the account of the owner/principal.
  • Surveillance and control over the executed works of formerly mentioned companies with regards to the property as well as information of the principal over any important or unusual event regarding the property.
  • Allocation of repairing order
  • Regular local inspection of the property

5. Further special services

  • In the acquisition process, Mödder & Partner supports clients with the identification and exposure of unexpected financial risks in connection to concealed cost or maintenance faults regarding the  property selected by the client
  • Mödder & Partners supports clients in juridical or extrajudicial disputes in cooperation with our clients juridical or fiscal representatives
  • In negotiation or coordination with third parties, Mödder & Partner will act on your behalf and in your best interest
  • Mödder & Partner will optimize and modify the property‘s economical parameters