Decisions need a reliable foundational base. Naturally, one will never be able to tell whether particular decisions will deliver the desired outcome.

However, it is a must to prepare a valid and thoroughly researched factual basis on which one will be able to responsibly take a decision.

Thus, information is key when facing an important choice. Certainly though, the quality and reliability of the provided information is even more crucial.

Especially in the real estate market, decisions are of great importance, will often result in long-term obligation – and, in most cases, cannot be reversed easily.

Resulting from our broad range of interconnected competence in the field of estate broking and property management, we can deliver factual knowledge and consulting that result from a multi-facetted view on the market. By research and resulting knowledge from our day to day work, we know about recent trends, developments and possibilities in real estate industry. Our field of operations enables us to gather first-hand information directly and genuine.

Whether you are concerned about renting your property, property acquisition or sales, over the years we have been able to guide our clients through complex matters by providing crucial knowledge and experience.

In consulting, we work critically and constructional to achieve your best result. We will always aim for the most beneficial, not the most comfortable result.

We offer consulting in plenty of areas in estate industry, some of them being: Economical consulting in renting or sales contract closure, purchase price determination for sellers and prospective buyers, development strategies for property and their implementation and rentability analysis of prospective investment decisions.

Our fee model is clear and transparent which enables us to act independently from the final result of our consulting process and are able to focus on one priority solely: Enabling you to take the best decision!