Purchase consultation

An old merchant’s rule of thumb says :”profits lie in purchases.” Whilst being overlooked in a general economics nowadays, this old credo is to be highly taken into account in real-estate transcations.

The decision of purchasing property will lead to long-lasting liability that can only be corrected by enourmous financial exhaustion.

Thus, solely focusing on location as decision criteria cannot suffice when evaluating prospective purchases.

Investors are often promised the world and overflown with information. Even experienced investors in real-estate therefore depend on proficient guidance in the sector that is becoming increasingly complex.

Many then resort to having their legal consultants leading the negotitations which results in legally correct selling contracts that, nevertheless, hardly suffice in meeting the real-estate industry’s requirements.

At this point, Mödder & Partner’s expertise is a crucial factor in the further process. We analyse the available information and condense it down to the core elements. We assess whether the promised profit is going to be achieved under realistic and sustainable parameters or, in the worst case, you would even close a losing deal.

If necessary, we will provide you with legal support from our network of specialists in the real-estate industry.

We will discuss and talk through our analytic results with you, your tax consultants and legal counsellors.

If following this thorough procedure, purchasing processes are truly taken with due diligence.

Our remuneration should, in these cases, be independent from the actual purchase in question – that way, independent, neutral and objective consulting is ensured.