Selling your estate

with Mödder & Partner

Just like retailers looking for estate in premier city locations, certain investor bases chose to specifically invest in real estate located in city areas.

By specializing on such properties, over the years we have developed close relationships to such investors who benefit from our expertise when optimizing their estate portfolio.

The investor’s interest ranges over a whole variety of real estate with a focus on grocery and retail stores and residential – as well as retail real estate.

Our extensive and frequently refreshed catalogue of national and international investors allows us to match your specific property with a suited buying request.

House owners therefore not only trust our market knowledge, but our honesty and specific competence in the sector of real estate when deciding to sell their property.

Investors regularly benefit from our familiarity with renting and property management. By combining these sectors, we are able to provide reliable and profound information regarding the value, location, renters and financial stability of real estate. By aiming at providing the best results for both the parties, we can proudly look back on many sales resulting in a worthwhile investment for investors and a rewarding sale for property owners.