References of Services

Mödder & Partner City Immobilen GmbH

At this point we would like to give you a brief overview of the range of services we offer. Using selected examples from recent years, we would like to give you a brief insight into our company.

If you want to see a – not complete – list of our projects of the last years, please click here

Shop renting at the highest level

In recent years we have realised a number of retail leases. In pedestrian zones, for example, also in Essen on Kettwiger Strasse to Peter Hahn.

But also in Hamm on Weststraße we have brokered shop premises to NKD and Reformhaus Bacher or at Westentor to Backwerk.

We have also arranged rentals in so-called B locations to TEDi or Depo in Hamm or to KIK in Münster.

On Düsseldorfer Strasse in Solingen, we referred to Optik Bergmann and a local men’s outfitter.

We also leased the property in Gelsenkirchen on Bahnhofstrasse to a optician.

In the specialist retailer sector, we brokered projects with KIK and TEDI in Wiesbaden on Hagenauer Strasse and with ALDI and Combi as part of a project development in Hamm.

It is our concern to find a balanced and thus long-term solid tenancy for both parties – tenant and landlord. We do not only see ourselves as a Introducing broker, we also advise our clients in economic matters during contract negotiations – we are not allowed to give tax and legal advice here.

Real estate transactions

Here are some recent examples.

We not only broker residential and commercial buildings in prime locations – such as in Hamm in Weststrasse to a private investor and in Kempten in Allgäu (Kottener Strasse) or in Unna on Bahnhofstrasse – but also larger apartment buildings, e.g. in Münster.

We brokered specialist and food markets to institutional and private investors, such as discounters in Wassenberg, Mönchengladbach, Hückelhoven, Eilsleben and Kamp-Linfort. But also food markets in Kassel or Halle (Saale) were sold through our mediation.


In recent years, we have advised many investors on the reallocation or dissolution of real estate investments. Whether it is the question of  pricing or the question of adequate marketing strategies. As an example, we can only mention a Dutch real estate fund which had to sell its real estate at the end of the fund’s term or private real estate companies which have relied on our company’s know-how in the course of the liquidation in order to achieve the best possible exploitation results.

As examples for the holistic approach of our activities we would like to describe two projects which we were allowed to realize:

On the Lower Rhine:

A customer of our company contacted us that a food market in his real estate portfolio had suffered severe mining damage, which made it impossible to operate the market. We played a leading role here – involving lawyers and architects – in seeking and negotiating solutions with both RAG and the tenant. At the end of these long and sometimes difficult discussions, there was not only very good compensation from RAG, but also a new and well endowed long-term lease. However, the project could not then be realised because the city wanted to refuse building rights at the old location on the basis of a retail concept that had been adopted in the meantime.

Many would have capitulated here – but not Mödder & Partner!

We advised the owner on the one hand to take legal action against this intention and on the other hand we searched and found a replacement location at the same time. At this location tenancy agreements had to be terminated, tenants had to be compensated and negotiations had to be conducted with the city about a complicated property swap. At the same time, a new and adequate tenancy agreement had to be negotiated with the tenant of the old property and the settlement regulation with RAG had to be discussed anew. The necessary demolition of the old structure had to be publicly represented and the new building had to be approved by the design council installed in the city, which was once again a very difficult process. And all of this always under consideration of economic efficiency.

As a result, a new, larger and more modern market could emerge elsewhere, the realisation of which was largely only possible due to the compensation we negotiated with RAG.

All negotiations with the authorities, the RAG, architects, tenants, the design advisory board, lawyers and all other parties involved in the project were conducted by Mödder & Partner as representatives of the owners. In this project everything has been united: letting, sales transaction and consulting. The impressive result of this project planning can now be seen in the fact that the market was sold with an almost seven-figure profit approx. 5 years after it was ready for occupation – through the mediation of Mödder & Partner.

Another example of our holistic support is reported from Hamm:

We manage a property in the best location of Hamm, whose owner family was hit hard by various strokes of fate. With us, the owners found a loyal partner who was always aware of his responsibility for the owner family. Unfortunately, the upper floors were empty for a long time after one of the main tenants moved out. In cooperation with the family’s tax and economic advisors, we succeeded in repositioning the property and developing it into a property that generates stable long-term income and has developed into a valuable asset. More than our fee, however, we are pleased that we were able to confirm the trust that the father of the current owner placed in us. This, too, is Mödder & Partner: Your loyal partner at your side!