Our philosophy

We closely and strictly adhere to the principles of the honest merchant. Honesty, diligence, transparency and reliability to us are true and implemented values, not merely advertising claims.

Our business philosophy roots back to two foundational values:

In broking estate, we choose to take the role of the honest broker whose main goal and motivation is to bring the broking process to the best result possible for each party involved, taking into account all of the different viewpoints and interests.

The closing of contract as a result of our work to us does not end our services but rather marks the beginning of a productive and harmonic work relationship for all of the participants. 

If we are trusted with the management of a property, we will execute each service with the same level of attention and care we would apply to estate we own ourselves!

The unconditional adherence to this maxim is not only part of our history and company tradition, it also does justice to our field of business. As our clients trust us with substantial parts of their assets, they deserve to receive the best serviced possible.

One other rule we act by is “quality not quantity”. We adapt this credo by growing organically and carefully as a business, making sure that we will never trade our client’s requirements and high level of personal support we offer in the favour of quick growth opportunities that would drastically reduce our personal capacities.

A core element to this is the personal support through the owner of Mödder & Partner directly. Stephan Mödder (MBA) is briefed on the core elements of each property management and works closely with the employee responsible.

This business philosophy and the resulting code of practice has been a crucial factor for the company’s reputation as a reliable, fair and unconditionally honest and transparent business partner.