Mödder & Partner City Immobilien GmbH was founded on the 19th of December in 1989 by Jochen Friedrich Mödder, MBA.
The foundation followed Jochen Mödder’s occupation as managing director and partner of the former Zapf & Mödder Immobilien Treuhand OHG, a broadband real estate agent.
The business focused on broking commercial estate in premier location early on, the main geographical being high streets in North Rhine-Westphalia and bordering states.
In addition to that, the business offered the broking of commercial and residential property and profit orientated estate to investors.

With two branches in eastern Germany, the company successfully operated in Leipzig and Erfurt until the late 1990s.
1994, Stephan Mödder (MBA) joined the company and became managing director by 1998.
Next to broking, consulting and property development developed into the company’s main operating areas.
After Jochen Mödder’s sudden passing in 2006, Stephan Mödder became sole managing director of the business in 2007.

From its foundation until today, Mödder & Partner has extended its excellent reputation as one of the locally leading brokers for commercial estate in premier locations and property development but has become a trusted consultant in the entire field of strategic development of property portfolio.